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06.30.2011 - There are Smart ways to express your graditude towards our fathers and Samsung Smart TV is promoting their latest contest for dad's out there.

It’s not too late to give dad something to remember you, which is by expressing your thoughts on how he was a good father and provider to the family.

For every household everyone should own a Smart TV as it brings families close together watching your favorite TV show or a memorable Blu-Ray/DVD movie. If you want to Samsung SMART TV then this might be your chance to take one home.

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Its easy to join the contest all you need is follow the guide on making a postcard but first you must LIKE the Facebook page. Where there are tons of ideas for you to give that dream of owning a Samsung Smart TV a reality.

Its easy and all you have to do is join the contest, and share your thoughts with your dad. There are steps to setting your own postcard to custom for the appearance of the postcard, and it depends on how you made it like this...

If you haven't got any idea how to join the contest here's a step by step guide for you to follow in making your entry...

Samsung is bringing innovation with the combination of internet and television with borderless technology. It’s the next evolution of "the box" as we know of television now. We see it evolve from just a simple household device to entertain us and into connecting us to the internet.

Browsing and watching television makes its easier with the creation of Samsung Smart TV. Technology brings family closer together with the new Smart TV experience by clicking a button. Expanding the technology also incorporates 2D to 3D up-scaling in vision with 3D sound and viewing experience.

You can vote for the actual entry for this contest HERE!

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The Lunch Break Blogger said...

This is a great gift for Dads! Hope you'll win mark!

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