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03.02.2011 - Dockers, Wear The Pants! The latest campaign and release of new line of clothing for the 2011. Its about making a name and sharing your passionate side to the world. Its like thinking out of the box to be unique and coming up with something new.

Its a challenge for Dockers to bring that project, and sharing your freedom of expression. This is how they came up with "Wear The Pants Project". Just like being casual, worry free, and motivated in showing your talents.

Recently Dockers had a launch at the Manila Yacht Club unveiling the latest for mens wear for the 2011 collection.

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There was band performances and catwalk by the male models in revealing the line of Dockers clothing. It was like a Friday gig at a bar but actually the event had a good view of Roxas Boulevard's urban night life.

Models who graced the catwalk show off the latest Dockers, Wear The Pants Project and if you missed its product launch indulge in these images...

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