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03.01.2011 - Electrolux environment and eco-friendly air conditioners are a unique brand of wellness or Hälsa into your home. Its no wonder that increasing amounts of pollution in the city, which becomes more urbanized to a faster pace, that many are seeking different avenues to relax and rejuvenate themselves.

This leads to greater stress that Electrolux is aware of the ever growing need to create a new line of air conditioners with a combination of advanced air purifying technologies. This will help keep your family healthy, and give you that wellness experience you’ve been seeking in your very own home.

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Recently Electrolux unveiled its latest split-type air conditioners, which helps you escape the polluted air of the outdoors. It has an integrated Air Filtration System that eliminates dust and other harmful particles, ensuring that the air your family breathes is clean and pure.

The technology in itself gives you the explanation on the Bio HEPA Filter, that traps very fine particles of airborne dust, bacteria, fungi and microbes then destroys the organisms by dissolving their cell walls with a biological enzyme. This system removes over 95% of bacteria and 99% of dust particles. This helps keep annoying summer sniffles away from your family.

It has a Plasma Air Purification Technology that literally cleanses the air of contaminants and impurities, reducing the incidence of allergies, asthma and even the common cold.

And to give your room that extra burst of freshness that’s perfect for summer, the Electrolux split-type air conditioner even has Vitamin C technology. It releases nano particles of pure Vitamin C which help reduce stress, improve your skin and even inhibit bacteria and combat free radicals which cause cell damage.

In the launching of Electrolux new line of air conditioners they gave explanation, and answered Q & As to the media panel about its Hälsa. The word means health in Swedish is a concept, that can be defined in many different ways.

According to World Health Organization (WHO) definition of 1946, which is the most widely used, is health "a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being" (and note merely the Absence of illness or infirmity ). Electrolux took upon itselt develop these air conditioners to be eco-friendly, that is efficient in the market and helping you save money on your electric bills.

Electrolux’s new air conditioners also come in window-type and cooler formats, allowing families to choose the product that fits best in their own home.

Get Hälsa in your home with Electrolux - with the new Electrolux air conditioners, wellness is truly in the air.

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