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05.01.2011 - Nintendo released the 3DS last March 2011, and slowly its getting quite an attention from casual to hardcore gamers. The price is almost the sames as the Wii home game console, because of its 3D technology.

For anyone casual its a bit pricey and for those who just want to wish one... I suggest don't ever dream about it. There's a lot to explore about the new Nintendo 3DS, but don't believe the hype if your not into it. This depends on anyone's interest or perspective, but if you want to just talk about it your just a fluke.

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Because owning one right now is not higlhy suggested, because the 3DS library is not big enough to be impressive. But as an individual handheld console the device stands out on its own having incorporate new gimmicks aside from that awesome 3D graphic.

The AR feature which you use the camera to point at the AR cards (which came with the unit) will give you tons of shooting. There are so much to explore if your an owner of the latest handheld console from Nintendo. For now trying to figure out how they made a harmless AR card come to life is something to be overwhelmed.

If you still want to own a Nintendo 3DS its sold at Data Blitz retailed price is at PhP 13,500.00 pesos. Seriously I'd wait in the next six months for the 3D games to come.

Just giving you a preview on what to expect.

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