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05.01.2011 - No Glasses Needed. That's how the Nintendo 3DS was introduced during E3 2010 with lost of surprises. The first glimpse was unheard of being known as the first 3D handheld gaming console.

After a very long wait finally we could look at it closely what makes it an interesting game device to buy. Seriously if your into this, and being casual a straight up advice is don't get into it until interesting games has followed.

Its been out for the past two months, and not much interest has picked up due to its very small selection of 3DS library.

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What's good is it still plays old DS games, but none of them can be converted to view it on 3D. Some interesting feature you'll find in the latest handheld game console from Nintentdo starting with the 3D Screen.

The 3D screen opens up a whole new world of eye-popping gameplay possibilities. The stereoptic 3D display of the upper screen gives objects within the game world a feeling of space and depth that extends far into the back of the screen. Its more clearer to see the characters and obstacles in the world experiencing even more intuitive for all types of players.

The 3D Depth Slider is a unique option which allows you to immediately adjust the intensity of the 3D settings on the Nintendo 3DS system to your liking. For those who can't take the 3D viewing it can turned down completely. This applies to all nintendo 3DS games and applications can be played in 2D which is a cool option.

The Motion Sensor & Gyro Sensor reaches a new level of protable play control. These amazing features allows you new and unique gameplay mechanics. its built-in which can react to the motion and tilt of the system.

You either twist the system side to side or moving up and down makes the Nintendo 3DS motion-compatible games which respon instantly.

The Two Screens have never looked better on a Nintendo Handheld system, which is a widescreen display on the tops screen shows 800x240 pixel solution. This allocates 400 pixels for each eye to create the 3D effect.

The bottom LCD touch screen operates as a resolution of 320x240, which both screens capable of displaying a brilliant 16.77 million colors.

They added the Analog Control with the Circle Pad. Located above the + Control Pad which offers full analog control in 3D game worlds. Combined with the touch screenm traditional buttons, camera and microphone input, and advanced motion control of the Motion sensor and Gyro Sensor, definitely a different perspective.

The new addition to the new handheld system is the 3D Camera which is two separate cameras to see the world in 3D. Much like the human eyes, allowing for the creation of 3D photos-- This includes similar 3D effect to that see in Nintendo 3DS games.

The Adjustable Stylus takes the idea of the touch control to a a new and even more user-friendly level. Tucked away behind the holder the stylus length can be adjusted to your liking with a simple push or pull.

Another device that includes with the Nintendo 3DS is the Charging Cradle, which allows you to dock your system whenver you are and keeps it if your not using it. You can leave the system on in Sleep Mode while charging, while it can communicate via the SpotPass feature at any time day or night.

When you purchase the Nintendo 3DS also includes the 2GB SD Memory Card , which you can use this to store your 3D photos. This can also store your sound recordings created in the nintendo 3DS system and music* from your PC.

You can also use to store games downloaded from the Nintendo eShop. The Nintendo 3DS system has SDHC card compatibility to increase your storage space even further.

* Nintendo 3DS is compatible with MP3 and AAC file formats.

As mentioned the Nintedo 3DS system has Backwards Compatibility. Almost all existing Nintendo DS and Nintendo DSi games can be played on the 3DS system in 2D.*

* Nintendo DS and Nintendo DSi games will be displayed in 2D graphics. Select Nintendo DS games that use accessories in the Game Boy™ Advance slot of the Nintendo DS system are not compatible with the Nintendo 3DS system.

SpotPass™ a feature that let's Nintendo 3DS detect wireless hotspots or wireless LAN acess points and obtain information, game data, free software, videos and so on for players even when the system is in sleep more.

You can find more details of this function along with the the Nintendo 3DS system HERE.

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