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04.30.2011 - Up and rising Filipino comic book artist Mark Torres is giving us the reason to read comics. Recently he had a one-day fan meet up at Comic Odyssey where he had made sketches and signed the Zombies VS Robots: Undercity comics.

He was awesome with the launch of IDW's Zombies VS Robots: Undercity Written by Chris Ryall, which featured Torres' signature art work.

Definitely it was entertaining to meet the man, and looking forward to see him at the upcoming Free Comic Book Day.

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Zombies VS Robots: Undercity is dark and amazing at the same time. Just about browsing the pages Mark Torress has done well with the pencil and line art. This looks promising being one of the original books coming out for IDW.

Mark Torres was there hanging out with the local comic books fans who frequent Comic Odyssey. It was fun hanging out with one of the talented Filipinos doing work for a US publication in IDW

Torres' is gaining fan following from the local scene now that he has put up a new book in Zombies VS Robots: Undercity. Definitely would be cool to see more of his art evolve and surely worth taking a second look

Hopefully in the future Mark Torres' would get more projects as this guy knows how to draw Zombies and definitely mechanoids. He did a cool sketch with purple back ground, that surely makes him definitely good.

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