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04.30.2011 - Recently GMA 7 Network (http://www.igma.tv/) has unveiled their blockbuster TV shows this month of May. From the much awaited and ambitious teleserye Amaya to the biggest fight in Manny Pacquiao's life against Shane Mosley.

The Global Media Arts known as GMA has been captivating Filipino viewers, which has reached the number one spot based on AGB Mega Manila People & Household Ratings (April 26-28). From its humble beginnings as a AM Radio known as DZBB to a multi-awarded TV network GMA strives to push the boundaries of local television.

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GMA7 known also as the Kapuso channel is dedicating its love for its local viewers and bringing you quality in their shows. We had the opportunity to visit their state of the art studious and have been introduced to a line up of upcoming shows.

The most for any viewer and follower of boxing legend Manny Pacquiao is his much awaited fight with Shane Mosley in Las Vegas Nevada. This is happening on May 8, 2011 as viewers are eager to see the Pacman live.

For every sports enthusiast the Filipinos support their own, and definitely this upcoming fight will be available in GMA7 on FREE TV. Anyone who would stay home spends with the family to see the action. Rather spend money in cinemas this is an alternative to catch the boxing legend on local TV. All bets are off for the seven time champ to take the ring once again.

GMA-7 unveils new programs and specials airing this May 2011 from Janette Toral on Vimeo.

Mostly one of GMA7's main attractions for the month of May, and never miss out to see the Pacman bringing his quick punches to the small screen. You can also catch the premier of new shows such as Ground Zero: Sa Gitna ng Nagbabagong Mundo, which tackles environmental documentaries.

Filipinos has a knack for family dramas and Munting Heredera will definitely give you a lot of stories to follow starring veteran talents led by Ms. Goria Romero. For a good laugh actor Cesar Montano breathe life to a Philippine movie classic in Andres de Saya opposite the hot and talented Iza Calsado.

For any Kaspuso out there would be delighted to be entertained with the next wave of new shows aside from the boxing spectacle. Anyway you want to be entertained GMA7 has something up for everyone.

Back in the day who would remember Uncle Bob's Lucky 7 Club, and every Saturday morning I was tuned-in to catch that show.

As an adult I keep tabs on the latest news in 24 Hours hosted by Mike Enriquez and Mel Tiangco delivering you real service as it happens.

GMA7 is just warming up to capture your viewing habits, and definitely you will feel belong to the channel, that has become a staple in the Philippine Television.

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JayL Aquino said...

i have high expectations for Amaya! :)

The Lunch Break Blogger said...

I'm so excited with Amaya and hope it will surpass the what Ecantadia have achieved.

Ning Buning said...

same here guys, im looking forward for Amaya also.Thanks to GMA 7.

Admin said...

nice post as usual MC!

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