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03.14.2011 - Cars 2 is three months and the buzz is not nearly light years away when it comes to the upcoming merchandise. Most specially the toys that made Cars widely sold in the toy isles.

We look back at the previous released die cast Cars namely Lightning McQueen, who will once again take center stage in the upcoming sequel. The famed home town hero of Radiator Springs is about to witness a bigger race, and some more awesome adventures that fans have been waiting since the first film in 2006.

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The Lightning McQueen diecast model is manufactured by Mattel the makers of Hot wheels and Matchbox has made these toys sought after by collectors.

The World of Cars has a huge following and every character from the film down to its cameos and extras has become part of the toyline.

Not to include the characters from the Disney Pixar short Mater Tales, where Mater tells his friends his previous life as a rescue fire truck, a bulldozer fighter, a stunt artist, and countless personalities in each 3 minute short shown on Disney Channel.

So the World of Cars will be bigger once the next film arrives in theaters. There where several iterations of Lightning McQueen, that you'll be having a lot of trouble tracking down each variants donw to its exclusives.

This is similar with his best friend Mater, who has become a personal favorite. This is the third variant of Lightning McQueen I previously own. This version has the "moving eyes" gimmick, which was retooled set of specs no longer painted. Unlike the previous versions that came out where the eyes where only painted.

The lenticular eyes gives a personality to Lightning McQueen and other characters from the World of Cars.

Check out these vignette snaps of the famous Piston Cup rising star for your browsing pleasure...

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