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03.13.2011 - DC Comics and Warner Bros. has released quite a lot of merchandise ranging from clothes, toys, and anything in-between based on their famous comics properties. Most notable that you'll see being licenced in the Philippines are shirts of Batman and Superman being the flagship of the brand.

Rarely you'll ever see licensed shirts based on other DC Comics properties such as Wonder Woman, The Flash, Aquaman, and Green Lantern to name a few. With the promotions for the upcoming Green Lantern film surely DC Comics and Warner Bros. won't pass on the opportunity to promote the film through merchandising campaigns.

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In the US they have market for the other heroes unlike in the Philippines, where the most familiar is Batman and Superman. Thanks to a relative who is based in the US sent me this Kohl's. Exclusive "The Flash" shirt last December 2010.

For those who are keeping track on DC Comics' development to make films out of these comic book greats. Green Lantern is on its way and The Flash is not far behind being build up for its own live action film.

This is a rare opportunity to share you this Exclusive Men's T-shirt, which is by far not available for the Philippine market. If you see one it would probably in special comic book shops, that will possibly cost you an arm or a leg. "The Flash" shirt from Khol's comes packaged in a special tin case, and its 100% cotton material.

The print is not like any run-on-the-mill quality, where others fail for easily faded logos. Kohl's is a department store in the US, which is a retailer and online seller.

"The Flash" t-shirt is unique of its kind apart from previous shirt designs, and besides its high quality print this one comes with an exclusive tin case. Rarely it would be possible this will be sold in the Philippines unless if your an online seller who has acquired this piece of popular culture.

Aside being a wide reader of "The Flash" comics from DC this one adds to the idea to wear it as a fan.

Not everyday you'll see a guy wearing "The Flash" t-shirts. Unless we see them being licenced locally sold in SM Deparment stores similar to the widely popular Batman and Superman shirts.

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