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03.14.2011 - Tongyeong is another city in South Korea, and its where the largest shipyard is located. when the sun sets down the city lights up with its majestic night life. Rarely you take the advantage in capturing Korea in a different perspective.

Mostly we all know when you talk about Korea for their KPOP like the Wonder Girls, which comes to mind as one of the most familiar faces in the music scene. On the second day in South Korea a lot has happened, since leaving Manila to a place called Busan. Its where the night life has given something to offer.

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Its one of those rare opportunities to capture a part of Korea's place, where only few liked the country for their popular culture. For its called environment and unique life at Tongyeong sometimes its good to spend walking on a night like this.

Here's a few photos taken earlier while shopping for groceries. This is not going to be one of those three days and four nights stay.

Its going to be a long week, and the adventure has not yet begun. For now enjoy the view of Tongyeong...

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