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03.23.2011- The view from above Mt. Mireuk which gives you a breathtaking view of Halleosudo. Gyeongnam Province of Tongyeong promtoes this as one of its pride for tourist spots, whevenever frequently travelers wants to explore the wonders of Korea.

The Sanyang Scenic Route runs around the isalnd is one of the best drives in the south Sea of Korea. Mireuk Mountain stands 461 meters above sea level, which will leave you an awesome perspective for photographers and for just admiring the spectacular scenery.

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Traveling via The Ropeway was a 10 minutes of awesome scenery, that brings you to the top of this mountain. Most visitors from this place are tourist and students on a field trip, that are armed with their own DSLR cameras.

Here's a group phots taken from the adventure some dream about. Including these images are panoramio shots and aerial view overlooking the islands beyond Tongyeong here in South Korea...

Another day at Tongyeong City in South Korea has been explored. Check out more for updates and definitely should try to visit this someday.

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