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03.22.2011- There was so many happenings on the way to the Ropeway Station, that there's a second part for today's adventure. The Ropeway Station at Tongyeong City is the longest cable ride that will bring you to Mt. Mireuk. The view is majestic in all sense of perspective for a first time traveler to Korea.

There where several options to get up to the 461 meter high mountain, and this is the easiest way up. The other option to get up is a two hour hike that will get you to oass by several buddist temples.

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For a round trip you only need to pay W9,000.00 WON and you'll be assisted to take your own cable car. At first the experience taking the cable car is like a carousel in waiting as you get assisted by an usher. Then the ride starts slowly as it embarks its slow ascending to Mt. Mireuk giving you a great view of Tongyeong City from above. The Ropeway, which is 1,975 meters long is the longest cable car ride in Korea.

Giving you the ride at the Ropeway via snaps up to Mt. Mireuk and definitely this tourist spot is one of the most highly suggested places you should experience...

Next part is the places around Mt. Mireuk, where one of the highest mountains in Korea above Tongyeong City will give you a grandeus view. A place rarely visited that you should experience its awesome perspective.

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