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03.23.2011- A cab or bus ride will take you to downtown Tongyeong City. The other side of the island but ou need to be familiarize with the buses. Unlike in the Philippines where you just read the signage. The buses here are numbered and if you take the wrong number you'll be taken to points unknown.

The cab ride is much convinient but for a price, but if you want to be taken to the place you want to go have it written it on paper as they don't speak English. As much possible traveling the importance is communication.

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Downtown part of Tongyeong City is bustling with busy commuters ans people around. One of the well known shops inm this vicinity is the Lotte Mart. This could be the counterpart of SM ShoeMart in the Philippines.

A bus ride whenver it takes you is only W1,100.00 WON if you want to take the less expensive trip. But if you want to take a cabv ride it will cost you between W3,000.00 to W5,000.00 WON from where I'm located. It depends on the distance of your point of origin if you take a cab.

Another set of images captured at today's downtown adventure. See the fine weather and the view of Lotte Mart...

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