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03.24.2011 - Korea is rich with history, art and culture which attracts hundreds of visitors from all walks of life. Even their very own people still try to get connected with their history from the past.

For any global traveler one would like to see, and be admired how Koreans value their vast history. Tongyeong City has a lot of story to tell, and there's the story about Korea's famed Geobukseon or Turtle Ship.

The Turtle Ship was a type of large warship during the Joseon Dynasty from the early 15th century up until the 19th century.

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There where several reconstructed ships in museums, that was made for research for its original design and commercial use. One can be found in downtown part of Tongyeong City near the Jungang Market, and beside it is also the Panukseon warship.

Unfortunately the Panokseon ship was closed to the public to be viewed. Possible that it would be available for the public to be viewed for the upcoming The Great Battle of HASAN Festival happening on August 10, 2011.

Remarkable in its creation the Geobukseon is a legendary warship of its time. The Turtle Ship was known for its distinguished design feature having a dragon head mounted on the bow of the vessel, which emitted sulfur smoke to effectively hide its movement from the enemy in short distance combat.

There where several versions that had a large dragon head enough for a cannon to fit inside. This design served as a form of psychological warfare, with the aim of striking fear against the Japanese invasion.

In the front of the ship was a large anchor. Below the anchor was a wooden crest that was shaped like a face, and these were used to ram into enemy ships.

The spikes on the roof to cover the top of the turtle ship helps to defend used for tactical purposes against being boarded. The ship is equipped with Cheonja (Heaven), Gija (Earth), Hyeonja (Black), and Hwangja (yellow) type cannons.

These vessels where built for close-assault, and inteded to ram enemy ships to sink them similar to their use in past centuries.

The opportunity to see this ship upclose was quite astounding being recreated for the modern times. You can visit the ship and there was no entrance fee just to look inside. This was the reproduction of the exact replica of the Turtle Ship, that includes all of its weaponry was worth the visit.

Here are some images taken of the exterior and interior of the famed Turtle Ship, that was docked nearby Jungang Market...

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