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03.17.2011 - Online treasure hunters are in for a purple treat because this March 2011, Yahoo! is bringing back the Purple Hunt 2.0, the hugely popular online treasure hunt that has been a great success in the Philippines since its launch in 2009.

Similar to its first run, the Purple Hunt 2.0 will have participants hunt for online clues for 5 weeks using different Yahoo! properties for amazing offline prizes including the grand prize of a brand new Purple Hyundai i10.

Given the incredible success of Purple Hunt back in 2009, Yahoo! is very excited to be bringing back the treasure hunt experience to Pinoy users once again,” said Arlene Amarante, Yahoo! Philippines Sales Director.

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With the Purple Hunt 2.0, users can continue to learn about Yahoo! and get more chances to win great prizes at the same time.”

Competition Mechanics

Joining the competition is just a click away - all that’s needed is an internet connection, a mouse and a hunter’s instinct. Participants must be at least 18 years of age to join. All they need to do is register at the Purple Hunt 2.0 microsite found at http://yahoopurplehunt2.com.ph. Existing Yahoo! users can use their accounts to register while those new to Yahoo! will need to create an account. Once registered, participants will need to open their Yahoo! Messenger account and add YPurpleMaster to their contact list. The YPurpleMaster will be the participants’ source of clues throughout the competition.

Getting Started

To begin the treasure hunt and win instant prizes along the way, participants need to add the YPurpleMaster to their Yahoo! Messenger list which is a system generated program that will automatically add them upon their request. The YPurpleMaster will then provide participants with instructions on how to obtain the keyword to open the box. Once the participants obtain the keyword, they need to go to http://yahoopurplehunt2.com.ph and submit the keyword in the Yahoo! Messenger Purple Box.

Steps to winning the Purplized Hyundai i10

Winning prizes and receiving clues are not limited to the online world. Offline, Yahoo has partnered with Magic 89.9 and Fox International Channels (Fox, Star World, Star Movies, Fox Family Movies, Fox Crime, FX, tvN, National Geographic, Channel V). Magic 89.9 will be airing the Magic Minute where the station’s DJs will randomly play the Yahoo! yodel at certain times of the day from 6:00 AM – 9:00 PM. During the Magic Minute, the keyword for the week will be revealed. Weekly clues will also be distributed on air on the Fox International Channels and all participants have to do is watch Fox (from 9:00 AM – 6:00PM) and wait for the Yahoo! commercial where the keyword will appear. Once participants obtain the key word, they will need to type it in the Purple Hunt 2.0 microsite to stand a chance to win prizes.

On top of this, participants will be asked to take a photo of themselves with any Hyundai car –whether it’s their own or on the street or in a showroom- and upload their image at www.flickr.com at the YahooPurpleHunt2 official Flickr group. Clues will also be distributed on the Flickr page so participants will have to look at all the photos carefully!

Once completed, participants will stand a chance to win instant prizes such as Nokia X2-01 mobile phones, Nokia MD-9 speakers, Smart Bro Bro prepaid pocket wifi and more. To be eligible to win the Hyundai i10 grand prize, participants will need to complete all online and offline activities for the entire 5-week duration of the campaign.

Finale Event

Staying true to the treasure hunt theme, participants will have to hunt for their own invites to the grand finale of the Purple Hunt 2.0. The grand finale will be a huge celebration of all things Yahoo! – fanfare, music and celebrities to culminate the 5-week campaign. The grand prize winner will also be awarded during the event where 17 finalists from Luzon, GMA (Greater Manila Area) and 3 from Visayas and Mindanao will compete for the Hyundai i10. All participants will have to attend the finale event should they want to be eligible for the grand prize but no finalist goes home empty handed. All finalists will still go home with cool Yahoo! prizes.

To learn more about the Purple Hunt 2.0, log on to http://yahoopurplehunt2.com.ph. Participants may join the games in the microsite beginning March 15, 2011.

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