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03.16.2011 - Wednesday afternoon at Tongyeong-si checking out the area at Donam-ro main street, where this city is actually one of the provinces of Korea. One of the industrial area ever to build the most adavance ships, where the largest shipyards is located.

Checking out the places like the school of Tonyeong, where they have one of the biggest football field. Then just walking along Donam-ro up to the far end of SLS, which is farther than expected. The word "ro" means "street" in English.

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Mid-Afternoon as the sun sets down in place everyone wishes to visit. Donam-ro is alive after 5PM as workers, students, and all walks of life heads home. As the evening sets the skies captivates the small Tongyeong-si. If everyone wonders and ask the word "si" at the fard end of Tonyeong means "city". Just giving you basic words in Korean, and that's about it.

For now sharing you another set of snaps during another Photo Walk this time along Donam-ro. Just giving you the daily life at Tongyeong-si here in Korea...

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