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03.17.2011 - The day won't be complete to give you another tour of the places here in Tonyeong-si. This coastal city is located South of Gyeongsang Province in South Korea.

There are some places that is hardly noticed for those who yearns to travel to this place. For those who seek not only to visit Korea just for the heck of it. This country has a lot to offer every bit in a small way.

Korea is rich with history and interesting places hardly noticed. Mostly anyone would like to visit this place for its famous girl annd boy groups.

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But for anyone who wants to be educated through these travels surely you'll be pay attention more than ever.

Haejo Tunnel is one of those interesting structures built for the community and the province of Tongyeong-si. Its an undersea tunnel that was built during the 1930s before the second World War broke out. The architecture being put to build this tunnel is quite astonishing and remarkable. Rarely you'll ever get to the chance to see it, but only being read only online or through Wikipedia.

Seriously there's not even any information about this on Wikipedia regarding undersea tunnel known as Haejo Tunnel. The length of the tunnel is 483 meters long and 5 meters wide built only for pedestrian passer by and bikers. There's a Korean word “Yongmundalyang” engraved at the entrance means “the entrance of an undersea tunnel that connects island to land.”

They prohibit motorcycles to cross this tunnel, and only allow people to travel through this bright lighted structure. For your broswing pleasure here's a coupld of snaps taken after crossing the underse tunnel and back...

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