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03.25.2011 - Here’s an exciting news from MCA Music! A Limited Edition CD of Lady Gaga is now out for grabs!!!

This mini-album consists of 4 tracks—the main version plus 3 groovy remixes (LA Riots Remix, Chew Fu Born To Fix Remix, and DJ White Shadow Remix) of her latest smash hit single “Born This Way”.

With empowering lyrics, great hook, pulsating beat and catchy danceable music, “Born This Way” has made a remarkable and massive impact, storming our local hit charts (which has now reached #1), packing the dance floors and getting blasts from cars, computers and radios all over the place.

Lady Gaga continues to explode onto the global cultural landscape this year with her catchy pop anthems and her fashion-forward aesthetics. Worldwide she has sold more than four million copies of her debut album, The Fame, and more than 15 million singles, making her music’s biggest breakout star of the year. She is only the third artist in history to claim three #1 hits from a debut album (“Just Dance,” “Poker Face” and “LoveGame”).

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Born This Way” indeed is a colossal comeback and this teaser and limited edition CD, exclusively released under MCA Music, will definitely be an essential piece of collector’s item for all the “Little Monsters” out there!

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