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03.26.2011 - Sam Ho is one of the biggest ship building companies in South Korea. They build massive ships like tankers and bulk carriers. Though its irreverent to find it less interesting, but surely some would take for granted who brings our petrol from overseas.

The ships are built here at Sam Ho through a process. They build these huge metal machines piece by piece like gigantic LEGO bricks. Technological advancements makes the process in ship building more efficient with less than a year.

Now it depends now if the funds are continous to build one massive ship.

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A quick tour at the Sam Ho grounds would give you the idea how these metallic ships are put together. Through these photos you'll get to see how these are made just like the show in Discovery Channel.

Plus! Get to view the bridge, and the engine room of the newly build Philippine ship Superiority, which will have its first maiden voyage travelling to the country in a few days from now.

See the Sam Ho shipyard and its hard working people through these snaps here...

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