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03.25.2011 - Last year the locals of Dongpirang Village started a campaign that promotes art and talent through these creative paintings. The village was originally going to be redeveloped based from the story of a teacher at Tongyeong City, who wrote about the story of this simple but captivating place.

The village was saved when a civil group TYagenda 21 launched a campaign 'Paint the streets of Dongpirang with colours and sketches.' The creative team from the University Arts Student are drawn to the yearly competition painting the walls of Dongpirang.

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Rarely anyone would find this around Tongyeong City, but for any global traveler this is one of the places suggested to check it out. Dongpirang is a small village in Tongyeong, South Gyeongsang Province, where small colorful houses are gathered together under the clear autumn sky.

The creative wall paintings is similar to what we do in the Philippines courtesy of Pilipinas Street Plan. Dongpirang is located near Gangguan Port, where the Geobukseon is docked at a nearby area. Dongpirang became Korea's version of a French Montmartre, attracting tourists during weekends and even on weekdays.

Check out some of the scenes within the village, that would define this small village of Dongpirang colorful and inspiring...

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