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02.14.2011 - The advent of vinyl toys has been a resurgence for the past 10 years. They are a uniqe kind of toys that are not conventional to the general public. Some are meant for display and there are really for adult consumption.

Being a toy collector myself I've been fascinated with the vinyl toys, and some unique but odd looking characters made by such awesome inviduals. They dedicate themselves in expressing their thoughts in art.

For some reasons the concept of expression through are using toys have made it to some interesting characters, that can be read in Japanese mangas or animated series.

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I acquired one interesting character sometime in 2008. Back then the interest for this characacter was quite unknown until recent interest had flown out of proportions.

One of those cool action figures from Japan has caught a lot of fans to collect each well known character in the popular culture. Revoltech released well known characters from Mazinger Z to Optimus Prime, but none have prepared them to the reception when they introduced Danboard.

Danboard is a fictional character alter ego of Miura Hayasaka from the Yotsuba&! Japanese managa series. Popularly called as Danbo short for the cardboard costume that looked like a real robot. Miura is the classmate of the main protagonist in the manga series who worn the cardboard made robot. At first I thought Danboard would be a boy which turns out to be a girl in the manga series.

The articulated and awesome detail of this figure really sold out at specialty stores. I bought in 2008 for only PhP 950.00 pesos (roughtly $19.00 US), and right now they are selling it twice the value of the toy.

There where several exclusives that came out after its original release. There was the Amazon.co.jp version as well as one rare 7 Eleven release.

Mostly you can find the smaller version of this figure going for a very hefty price. interesting enough the figutre would pass up as a vinyl looking toy, but Danboard is made of plastic with a lot of ratchet joints.

The cool feature included in this figure is the light up eyes, that made you pity for the innocent looking character. Of course this comes with the alternate head of Miura Hayasaka, which might be mistaken for a younger boy.

I'd be still interested in getting Yotsuba Koiwai the main character from the manga just to keep both characters in my collection.

Oddly enough the guys from Pilipinas Street Plan was unaware of such character existed. They want to see more about Danboard and probably I might bring the toy again once I meet up with them.

If your lucky to find a Danboard in Greenhills by all means get this character. You can see this in any poppular sites like Tumblr or Meme being depicted as a cute innocent box looking character. Danboard is released under the Revoltech series of articulated action figures and manufactured by Kaiyodo.

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