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02.15.2011 - Just Go With It might be one of Adam Sandler's best film for this year. Having missed seeing Grown Ups last year had to make up the yearly Sandler flick. Definitely a barrel of laughs with Adam Sandler at the helm with his Happy Madison productions.

Now who would be astounded with the stellar cast of Jennifer Aniston and special appearance of Nicole Kidman in a romatic comedy film. Not to mention the introduction of the hot 2010 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edtion cover girl Brooklyn Decker.

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Someone might have a terrible fever or is it hot in here. I'm sure you all follow Adam Sandler's movies year after year. Sandler also the co-producer in this film brought it some familiar faces from his previous film.

The Sandler Formula

Every Adam Sandler film has the ingredient that never fails. Mostly the soundtrack and the scenes. Just to give you a bit of trivia...

Sandler is an 1980s fan, and if you haven't watch The Wedding Singer or The 50st Dates surely you won't miss those music. Not to forget that setting of hist character's youth in some of his films. Either set in the mid-1980s or if you'll see the fashion spot on.

The Aniston Chemistry

This is the first time Adam Sandler paired up with Friends alum Jennifer Aniston and its like they are on a tennis tournament. Taking pot shots at each other is gonna be mighty entertaining in this film.

If your looking for the Post-Valentines movie this one is right up there. Aniston just got the right hooks for you to watch this film, and they really had good direction in this film thanks to Dennis Dugan.

The best is yet to come

Surprising role Nicole Kidman was something to watch, and i won't give you any hints who she is in this film. I haven't seen her in this kind of comedy flick, that will give you surprises and a lot of big laughs.

Brooklyn Decker was the eye catcher on this film and if you don't own a copy of the 2010 Sports Illustrated Swim Suit Edition you must have lived in a rock. The hot wife of tennis sensation Andy Roddick is setting this film on fire. Not to mention the main squeeze of Adam Sandler's character.

The Superbowl US TV Spot can definitely make you watch this film. I dare you watch it and its one of the best spots we could have seen it here...

Overall... I'm not giving you anything that will spoil this laugh out flick. Definitely recommended specially to those who follow Adam Sandler's movies. I mean it that if you are a definite fan you'll love this film.

Five out five stars this film scores and I tell you should see it. Just Go With it opens across the Philippines on February 16, 2011 from Columbia Pictures Philippines!

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