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02.13.2011 - If you haven't read or seen the cover of the Sports Illustrated 2010 Swimsuit Edition, then you must be living under a rock to notice Supermodel Brooklyn Decker. She is also known as the wife of tennis sensation Andy Roddick.

This is her big screen debut opposite Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston in Columbia Pictures' new romantic comedy “Just Go With It.”

The film stars Adam Sandler as Danny who caught romancing Plamer (Decker), a much younger and hot schoolteacher.

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Last year’s Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue cover girl, it’s easy to see why a guy like Danny would fall for Brooklyn Decker. “Palmer is a really sweet girl, a na├»ve, compassionate, and hopeful math teacher,” says Decker. "She falls in love with Danny, and he decides this girl might be the one for him. So he gets caught up in this whole web of lies to try to convince Palmer that he’s a decent guy.

Decker had auditioned for “Just Go With It” and was in the mix for the part when last year’s Swimsuit Issue hit newsstands. “That was a total whirlwind,” she remembers. While she was doing publicity for the magazine, “that week, I got a call asking if I could come out for the table read with Adam, Jen, Nicole [Kidman], and Nick [Swardson] – so I came out to do it, and that evening I got a call from Adam saying, ‘Hey, kid, you want the part – it’s yours.’

Director Dennis Dugan says Decker had the chops to hang with her more seasoned co-stars. “Obviously, she’s extremely beautiful, but it turns out she’s just a natural actress,” says Dugan. “She’s very sweet and a good actress.

Acting is effortless for her,” says co-star Nick Swardson. “She’s just so funny, natural, charming, organic; it’s so real. There’s nothing corny about her – her performance is just genuine.

It might have been intimidating to take on such a key role for her first film, but Decker couldn’t have asked for a better set. “I’m the new kid on the block, and I’m surrounded by these amazing people, but they were all very encouraging and made the set a lighthearted place. Everyone was so talented – everyone was funny – it was really an opportunity for me to challenge myself under the best circumstances.

Of course, it wasn’t all serious work. “The guys were playing pranks on each other and making jokes and laughing all day. It’s a really fun way to work.

Decker tried a prank of her own – but it didn’t work out so well. “I had the fart app on my phone – you push the button and it makes this wretched noise,” says Decker. “It was a scene where Adam and I were in bed together – it’s incredibly quiet and the camera pans were very slow. I had the phone under the pillow, and I’m snuggled with Adam and when the camera panned over I was planning on releasing the fart app. So I do, and he barely hears it. He thinks it’s my stomach growling, and he just says, ‘All right, let’s do that again.’” That was my failed prank.

Opening across the Philippines on Feb. 16, “Just Go With It” is distributed by Columbia Pictures, local office of Sony Pictures Releasing International.

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