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02.13.2011 - Toy making or customizing has been around long enough for the general public to catch interest. It’s a way of expressing yourself through art, and it’s definitely good for younger kids to be interested. These days’ kids would be stuck in front of the computer and play videogames than doing outdoor stuff.

So Pilipinas Street Plan (PSP) came out with the idea of a workshop to promote art of toy customizing. This also helps the school children learning opportunities in public school.

Interesting enough that they have thought about this for the kids and it turns out young adults where present to try it out.

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It’s collaboration between Pilipinas Street Plan, Lopez Memorial Museum and The Knowledge Channel Foundation all present for the workshop.

For me personally I've wanted to try toy customizing and the fun that came to get down and dirty. Toy customizing is different from toy making, which you make the product from scratch. Toy customizing involves a pre-existing toy, and you remake it into your own imagination. Its where the "fun" begins by putting your thoughts into play with art.

Its something creative enough for you to show your passion in art by re-making an existing toy. I admit of not having any experience in painting, but I already have an idea on what to do with my subject.

The Process

I chose the Tazmanian Devil from the Bugs Bunny cartoon, because all the best ones like Dr. Elephant, Lorraine (Astro Boy's baby sister) or a blank piggy bank was all taken.

My idea was to recolor Taz in blank yellow, but it turns out that I applied too much white coat of paint. It took a lot of hours for the toy to dry since it’s made of soft plastic. The paint we used is a non-toxic water based paint that would easily get washed off. It’s one reason why they want to promote this workshop for kids.

Ms. Mary Ann Josette Pernia, the consultant for education for Lopez Museum said that it helps people to express themselves through art, and this also promotes interest to the younger generations. For the guys at Pilipinas Street Plan it’s something of a hobby that they had wanted to share with everyone, and they got their chance through Lopez Museum and The Knowledge Channel.

It’s something for the kids to show their creative side. The young adults and those who are kids at heart would love doing as an activity is also a freedom of expression.

Interesting concepts that will definitely make the kids enjoy. This will give them more activities than just being stuck in front of the computer.

The customized toys we made yesterday will be auctioned and exhibited in the upcoming Art in the Park on February 19, 2011 2:00PM - 10:00PM at the Jaime C. Velasquez Park in Salcedo Village, Makati City.

Many thanks to PSP namely Wes, Epjay, and Whoop who brought about educating us in the ways of paint and mixing the colors. The steps and the process of toy making is not that difficult. You just have to know how to start.

Special thanks also to Lopez Memorial Museum and The Knowledge Channel Foundation. Looking forward to future workshops that let's you express your imagination through creative art.

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leira said...

i want to see your finished product..but i think its a form of great art!

Admin said...

I will call your work TAZKAL. Thanks bro for the pictures and the kwento. - Simon http://sirvis.blogspot.com

The Lunch Break Blogger said...

Great Work with Taz Mark. Love the Azkal Uniform!

Renz said...

I agree that this kind of art should really be pushed to the public to properly educate them.

Great post!

The Web Magazine said...

Hi Mark,
bagay sa iyo ang topic dahil toy photographer ka. Keep it up!

MVLNuñez said...

I agree. This blog suits your lifestyle. Taz is always your favorite Looney Tune character, di ba?

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