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02.11.2011 - Love is in the air and Yahoo! Search Trends finds that Filipinos are true romantics at heart.

Fully geared to celebrate the romantic day, Filipinos are looking out for just the right kind of messages, gifts and songs to woo the heart of their loved ones.

Findings from Yahoo! Search Trends show that the Filipinos surfed the web for Valentine’s messages, unique quotes and also for wedding related items.

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Valentine’s being a special occasion has been a season for marriage in the Philippines and hence the searches on wedding related items like cakes, flowers and dresses surged for the month of February.

Yahoo! Search Trends top Valentine’s searches are:

1. Greetings
2. Gifts
3. Shopping
4. Entertainment
5. Decoration

Beyond popular searches for Valentine day messages, fun quotes and pop-up card searches in Valentine’s messages by the young, ranked high in the list. Filipinos wanted to show their special touch and focused on unique concepts and ideas for gifts.
Interesting to observe is that prom and wedding related searches surfaced around this time and seems like the big day would double as a family reunion for a lot of the families
,” said Zul Rejab, Editorial Manager, Search Content Analysis.

Entertainment as a category ranked amongst the top searches. The song ‘Valentine’ a duet between Martina McBride and Jim Brickman remained the most popular song for Valentine’s. Cute trends worthwhile to take note are searches on Disney cartoons characters such as Sleeping Beauty, Jasmine and Pocahontas for e-cards.

‘What to do and not to do’ on Valentine’s was a quirky search that resonated across all of Southeast Asia. This reflects the perfectionist disposition of the people in these countries who wanted an ideal and smooth Valentine’s celebration. Vietnam and Philippines remained among the most artistic Southeast Asian countries that preferred hand-made gifts as a sincere way to show their love and affection.

Being traditional at heart, the Filipinos not only searched for love ideas but also for decorations to rev up the day. Searches on Valentine hearts, cupids and angles spiked for the season and this could be attributed to the tradition in schools of making cards for family and friends on Valentine’s. Concerts and movies seemed to be in high demand this time as the Filipinos embark on the season for romance.

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