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01.17.2011 - If you haven't been up to date on the latest movies around maybe you would be finding out about the upcoming Green Hornet flick. Yeah its already out in the US and UK last January 14, 2011. But it won't be out in the Philippines until January 19, 2011 which is a couple of days away.

Previous to the screening there was a few specials dedicated to the film. One favorite special that I didn't miss to see is the MythBusters Green Hornet Special. I've seen the syndicated 60s TV show and read a comic book about it. For any fan who follows the Myth Busters this is surely hard to miss.

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The team had put a test revolving the Black Beauty, which is the batmobile of the Green Hornet and some truths behind its movie physics. If you haven't seen this special episode check you local cable operator in your area.

The sight of seeing the cast of MythBusters on the red carpet is unforgetable too. Just last Thursday during the film's advance screening in the US.

We got your view on the MythBusters team who showed up minus Jamie Hyneman...

Thanks to MythBusters where you can find more photos of the red carpet premiere.

For those who wants to catch the MythBusters Green Hornet Special it will be shown on January 28, 2011 on Discovery Channel at 8PM with special guest Seth Rogen.

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