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01.17.2011 - If I'm missing out on any events happening today, that would be just right for some cozy time at home. I haven't caught up with anything good on television these days except the shows on TLC (The Learning Channel).

I try as much possible to see the latest episode of Invite Mr. Wright, which is hosted by the most travelled individual with Ian Wright.

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I'm a huge fan since I first saw an episode of the Lonely Planet (showed internationally as Globe Trekker) in the mid-90s. With such wit and banter of humorous proportions, who would be entertained and would like to invite Mr. Wright?

Tomorrow tonight is something for you to catch with Ian as he goes to Malaysia to be the sister of another mother in this rip roaring episode. Catch Ian on Invite Mr. Wright Tuesday nights at 9PM SIN/HK on TLC!

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