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01.18.2011 - The Green Hornet premiered in the US at the Grauman’s Chinese Theatre a week ago, and it was shown in regular cinemas on January 14, 2011. Here in the Philippines the film had recently concluded its own red carpet screening at Cinema 1 in SM Megamall. The movie debuts on January 19, 2011 locally.

The red carpet premier was huge thanks in part to SM Cinema and Columbia Pictures Philippines. The event was captivated also with the local stars, but the main extravagant was the movie itself.

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If you have been reading tweets by our foreign counterparts, who have seen the film or have went and read the wikipedia page. I highly suggest you ignore the reviews and what others think of this movie.

To each individual's point of view the film is best seen personally rather based it to anyone's hype. Though this review gives you an insight rather you watch it or not.

Viewers discretion is adviced but we suggest you should see it to believe.

The opening sequence was rough though but everything was fine tuned as like a well oiled machine. Ignore the acting or the portrayal of these actors being compared to the classic TV series from the 60s. This was a re-imagined for the modern times, and I myself would feel comfortable already that it was quite a show.

Evidently it there are little bumps on the road on how this came to be. I mean this is not the Green Hornet from back then. So watch it for the first time and don't take it too seriously as I did.

Its like keeping up with the times that not every superhero comic book or cult TV series, which was born from a radio drama serial would be this hilarous.

Indeed it was. The people inside the cinema was liking this modern day representation. Anyone would enjoy an ultra cool superhero live action flick, but with the Green Hornet is like hitting two birds with one stone. You get a high octane action and at the same time a flatter of hilarity.

Something different with a bit of awkwardness would translate into a block buster flick with such caliber. The only bother personally was seeing it on 3D, which is optional if you have money to burn for a good view.

Mixed reviews all over the world are quite strict with the rating, but for every film that has been known for something way before. This film pushed the boundary of silliness and serious exploding action.

Overall its a great ride that we suggest to drop the seriousness and embrace the quirky-ness of this film.

Hey, Its the 21st century and everyone needs to have a good laugh, and besides aren't we all needing to see something new? Surely three and half stars of rating is good enough for a second viewing.

Definitely entertaining.

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