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01.18.2011 - It may look baduy (cheap) but it caught up to everyone's attention. You may find out of the usual stylized mobile devices of today, but nothing beats an original Filipino brand catering to the masses. I'm talking about the MyPhone.

Nope. They didn't ask me directly to write a blog about their product. I just find it worth sharing to our kababayans (country men) how innovative we can all be as Filipinos. After reading an article on the Sunday Edition of the Philippine Daily Inquirer who would be interested?

After making 2 Billion pesos in sales probably some people out there would be eating up their words. MyPhone has hit with the masses for something affordable from PhP 1,999 to PhP 5,999 pesos for a mobile device. From Smart phones with QUERTY keypads to devices that has a TV reciever. Now your talking ingenuity with a Filipino flavor in mind.

(Please CLICK on the title for the full article)

As they say big things come in small packages, and MyPhone delivers its goods with its simplicity at a low coast with good quality. Now they are amping up the level on their upcoming phones, that we might be seeing Android tablets and touch screen-screen phone further down the line.

You'll never know how we Filipinos make it possible, and you thought they where like second hand generic Chinese-made Phones. Who would have thought something looks cheap would really pick up interest.

If you are looking for something affordable and handy that makes up your simple life. Why not try getting your own MyPhone which is proudly Filipinos made.

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