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12.27.2010 - Every story began with its original Tron movie. Indeed the film was ahead of its time. Rather a bit campy but this movie started everything, which inspired some of us to take up computer related courses.

After seeing the original 1982 movie you'd be surprised how different it was back then, but the special computer graphics was a breakthrough in filming. Now getting a bigger picture how this classic never aged, and gave me reason to appreciate how they did it back in the day.

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Tron: Legacy just like I mentioned before this movie can be understood without seeing the original. For anyone who just wants to see a good film this holiday season any newbie can still enjoy this in a big way.

The new film had enough back stories to tell you what happened in 1989, which is seven years after Kevin Flynn stumbled upon The Grid.

The classic Tron from 1982 was a different take if you want to immersed yourself to the world of The Grid. It's not what you'd expect in Tron: Legacy, but certainly for those computer geeks out there it's something to appreciate.

Without this film you won't see Pixar Animation with their Toy Story Trilogy or for any film that now relies on CGI to make these movies believable to the naked eye.

Indeed. Tron was simple but unbelievable even though some critics would say the acting was bad, but that's where met a very young Jeff Bridges riding cowboy. He does knows his roots where he came back for Tron: Legacy.

No need to nitpick around the classic certainly this is something we should look back on how technology began. For the reason we should never forget out beginnings as individuals with regards to our own success. This film gave us the appreciation we should acknowledge the ever changing technology that we took for granted every day.

Seeing this film get's you to see how Flynn's arcade was the hangout for every teenager at that time. It was a utopia for gamers before the game consoles became part of the home entertainment.

There were some easter eggs in the movie and I can only remember a couple. Like Sark's main board program showing the map of The Grid there was Pacman in the viewer screen. The other was the much talked about hidden Mickey, while traveling the Solar Sailer.

Overall the original Tron film tells the story stood on its own, which is partially unrelated to the current Tron: Legacy. Because you don't need to go back to understand the world of The Grid, but only to appreciate its beginnings and how it started.

You have all the understanding you need to know, that Tron: Legacy has enough back story to tell you what happened to Kevin Flynn when he disappeared in 1989. No need to believe the hype that you should see the original, you got what you need to understand the logic and enjoy the film.

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