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01.09.2011 - Everyone is getting into the bandwagon with the new HTC mobile phones. Mid-last year it got quite a lot of news about their latest products. I heard a lot about the HTC Desire which is quite an interesting device. But few would know that phone won't last song as everyone's favorite.

Enter the HTC myTouch 4G a new Android™ - powered smartphone that lets you connect faster, communicate easier, and share more - all with a touch of your fingers. It has 4G Speeds which connect faster. This includes a HD Camcorder with screen share feature. Wirelessly beam videos to your compatible HDTV. It has also a Video Chat with or without Wi-Fi how cool is that?

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Unfortunately its only sold in the US and its a T-Mobile exclusive, but do you know who owns one in the Philippines? Send a message or comment and keep me posted because I'm sure you can't get enough playing with the phone apps.

Dad must have been acting like a new kid again with his new toy. The myTouch 4G can give the iPhone 4G a run of the money with bigger screen and quite a power house gadget.

One must have been wondering if there's a HTC myTouch 4G being sold in the Philippines, and they say its being at PhP40,000.00 pesos or up. But truth of the matter its being sold in the US for PhP 26,000 pesos. This comes with four colors to suit your mood and style for every true mobile user.

Though its T-Mobile exclusive you need to have it unlocked and you need a code for it. Honestly once you got unlocked for any Philippine carrier, this will surely turn some heads with its stylize design and faster OS. The camera is not bad too which doubles as a HD Camcorder and captures clear images.

Powered by Qualcomm MSM 8255 Snapdragon and run by the Android™ 2.2 (Froyo) OS. One might think this can really trample the herd of zebras. One other interesting tidbit is that it comes with an expansion slot for the 8 GB microSD™ card, which is included and up to 32 GB card supported.

Interesting enough the only wish I want for HTC to improve is its battery life. Everything is right on the money with the specs. Surely improvements would apply be apply to future phones.

Now that you heard about the HTC myTouch 4G maybe you'd be wonder where look for it. I suggest try checking it online, since rarely you'll be seeing one any time soon.

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Anonymous said...

I love my mytouch, very easy to use...

Makati Philippines user

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