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12.14.2010 - The Philippine Long Distance Telephone company had recently launched the most ambitious and technological breakthrough in the country. They say it's proudly Philippine made combining the aspects of your standard landline, social networking, and the power of the internet.

This could be the future in Philippine Telecommunications and technology. Though untested it was one of the biggest launch events, that I have first-hand experienced when it comes from PLDT.

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"Through the past 82 years PLDT has been providing millions of connections to Filipinos. It's about time, that PLDT takes the initiative to ignite, inspire and innovate. Behind is the conviction that there is a future to our landline business, but also introduce a new product. It is a digital solution to communicate as supposed to plain old voice system or plain traditional telephone system. It is radical and revolutionary at the same time, which is able to change the way we communicate. Be able to change lives that are a game changer and a market shaker. Clearly a smart device Filipinos can use, and PLDT is proud to bring this technology to the Philippines." said by PLDT's Chairman, Manuel V. Pangilinan when he introduced the PLDT Telpad.

PLDT Telpad is a landline reborn with a combination of a landline and a touch pad in one. Giving you more power at the touch of your finger tips than ever before.

Bringing us to a different kind of Digital Lifestyle with the Telpad you can always be informed. Be updated with friends in social networks such as facebook and twitter real time. This device can stream popular videos on Youtube, and experience the most fun with videogames. You can also have the benefit to access your bills at the same time; you can relax and watch movies on HD with exclusive PLDT services.

It combines the services you need under one device, which is a new spin in communications a push to innovation. A slide into the future your landline reinvented.

"PLDT is now offering the product proudly Philippine made conceptualized, developed, and assembled in the country using World-class technology. Recently PLDT also upgraded its fiber optic network, that will support the high bandwidth requirements for the PLDT Telpad." Napoleon L. Nazareno (President and Chief Executive Officer of PLDT) said.

Certainly PLDT is changing the way we communicate in one device, that will bring PLDT to the forefront of communications and technology in every Filipino home. All four executives led by PLDT's Chairman, Manuel V. Pangilinan gave a toast to the launch of the product.

There was a product demo and giving us the information on how the PLDT Telpad works by VP-Retail Voice Acquisition, Patrick Tang and Mr. Paolo Lopez, AVP-VAS Retention and Usage.

Both gentlemen who came up with an innovation that features a bundled landline phone with myDSL internet service, which highlighted a screen tablet similar to the Apple iPad. The device combined with capabilities includes countless application that you can be use at home or mobile.

We also asked a couple of people what they think about the launch of the PLDT Telpad, and here's what they have to say...

Model and TV Host Kelly Misa is excited about the features of the PLDT Telpad. She was mostly excited about the game applications. Namely Plants VS. Zombies can now be downloaded for her to play in the 7" inch screen tablet as well as being FREE upon subscription.

UNO Magazine's Editor-in-chief and lifestyle columnist, RJ Ledesma can't wait to acquire the PLDT Telpad, who would like to install them in his home. He jokingly added that it will include installing one in his bathroom for personal convenience.

For anyone who is anticipating the PLDT Telpad to be installed in their homes, it will be released on December 16, 2010. The ones we have tested are demo units for us to try it out. The production of the functional version will be out on January 15, 2011 which includes Regional subscribers who can avail the product.

If you are an existing myDSL subscriber just add PhP 500.00 pesos on their monthly bill with a period of 3 years, and they will get the PLDT Telpad FREE plus a speed upgrade of 1Mbps. Application for Reserving a Telpad Unit is now available.

For non-existing users there is an available plan, which starts at PhP 1,849.00 pesos for a 1Mbps connection. There are higher plans available, which are PhP 2,099.00 pesos for 1.5 Mbps, Plan 3,095.00 pesos for 2.5 Mbps, and Plan Php 4,100.00 pesos for 3.5 Mbps. You only need a starting plan that is generally suggested.

This is certainly a bold and ambitious plan PLDT has given the consumer, which is the right time to usher a new year that will surely a benefit to every Filipino. What a better way for PLDT to introduce this technology not only in the Philippines, but a first in Asia.

Do you want to know more?

Check out the PLDT Telpad now on Facebook with their own page for further details.

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