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12.14.2010 - TLC (The Learning Channel) was launched in Asia on September 1, 2010. A list of promising shows has been gracing the former Discovery: Travel and Living since it renamed and got revamped to what we are currently seeing on our cable channel. One particular show would be highly recommended should not be missed.

Invite Mr. Wright is that show with Veteran traveller and globetrotter extraordinaire Ian Wright has probably accumulated enough frequent flyer miles to last a lifetime but he is still on the go!

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This month, TLC presents a brand new series, INVITE MR WRIGHT, which takes an off-beat and humorous look at travel as locals warmly welcome Ian into their lives. From Singapore to India to Malaysia to Japan, Ian experiences what each city has to offer, thanks to the hospitality of his host.

Englishman Ian Wright has been the face of travel for almost two decades. Last seen exploring the world's most remote and least visited locations on OUT OF BOUNDS, Ian returns with more escapades in INVITE MR WRIGHT.

On each episode, Ian spends a weekend experiencing a country through the eyes of his host, their family and friends. From bunking in with a Bollywood film star in India to rubbing shoulders with a radio celebrity in Singapore, Ian scores an opportunity to be a part of these people's lives as they open their doors and INVITE MR WRIGHT. Hanging out with his gracious hosts, Ian learns what life is really like for the locals who actually live, work and play there.

INVITE MR WRIGHT episode descriptions:


Ian is invited to stay as the guest of one of India's biggest film stars - the Bollywood legend Arshad Warsi. Ian joins Arshad in Goa on the set of his latest blockbuster to find out what life is like in the hectic fantasy world of Indian popular cinema. Arshad shows him how amidst all the confusion and noise, Bollywood dreams are made to come true. With Arshad as his guide, Ian learns to dance, act and stage a fight - and he even gets advice from Kareena Kapoor - the queen of Bollywood. After getting an image makeover from the editor of Vogue magazine, he manages to land an audition, but will Ian overcome his many shortcomings and actually achieve his Bollywood film debut?


Ian is invited to spend some quality time in the home of one of Singapore's best known personalities - the actress, TV and radio presenter Vernetta Lopez. In a whirlwind tour of the city, Vernetta shows Ian that there is more to the place than hotels and shopping malls. With Vernetta as his guide, Ian learns about the city's obsession with chewing gum, citizen journalism, food, its penchant for a sport that involves jumping off very high buildings, and has his feet nibbled by tiny fish in a new-age therapy. Ian finally gets a glimpse of the underbelly of Singapore when he encounters a huge biker gang who form the guard of honour when Vernetta's mum and dad decide to renew their wedding vows. At the end of his stay, Ian realises that behind its conventional exterior, Singapore really is every bit as crazy as every other place in the world.

Sri Lanka

Ian travels to Sri Lanka upon the invite of Colombo's biggest heavy metal band, Stigmata. As soon he gets there, Ian learns that the band has a new album coming out in a few weeks time so he does what he can to help their launch. Ian decides what the band really needs is a new pop video so the band set off up country to film the band's road trip that takes them to some of the most extreme parts of the country. On their journey, they encounter the Vedah, an aboriginal tribe whose long hair and wild ways seem to echo the members of the band themselves. After attending a mass wedding of former Tamil Tigers in the country's far north, meeting the world's greatest spin blower, and the President's son, the band finally makes it back to Colombo for their sell-out gig.

Invite Mr Wright Premieres on TLC: Southeast Asia on Dec 14 at 9:00 pm; North Asia on Dec 15 at 8:00 pm; Australasia on Dec 17 at 9:30 pm!

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