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12.15.2010 - Tron: Legacy is a few days away but the premier night whose, got the privilage to see this film a day earlier won't get any sleep in the next twenty four hours. The anticipation is running high on what could be the next revolution in film making, and capping off the year 2010 we can't wait to see what' on The Grid.

The virtual world of Tron is inside a digital frontier call The Grid created by Kevin FLynn, and its far complex than everyone can imagine. Something that we knew in 1982 is nothing, that we see thought possible is about to be revisted once again.

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If your a fan of the original film then maybe this is something else re-imagined for the 21st century...

Tron: Legacy is distributed by Walt Disney International Pictures Philippines, and will be shown in Digital Imax 3D as well as Real 3D on December 17, 2010!

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