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12.18.2010 - There are numerous ways to communicate. At this age of social networking and text messaging we Filipinos know how to connect with our family and relatives. Either you go online or take advantage with the usual text messaging, but you have to choose one option.

There are some limitations that we can't take advantage of, and we tend to use the latter in connecting with anyone.

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If you want to start fresh for the New Year that will enable you to send text messaging at the same time will be able to communicate online. Then may I suggest trying the service of OMT! or as we call it OMyTxt!

Developed by True North Communication Solutions Corp. a group of people with experience with mobile, technology and international marketing space has come up with a mobile solution that will cater the masses. OMyTxt is a PC to mobile messaging service made by Filipinos for the Filipinos here and all over the world.

You communicate without any interruptions for less of the cost. Long distance calls or conventional text messaging depletes your load. Even spend more than save your money and pay more for that humongous phone bill.

Sometimes the only avenue for you to communicate is via instant messaging, and different time zones hinder us from being in front of the computer most of the time. But with OMyTxt both services communicating via internet and text messaging is now possible. Not to mention that you can also do social networking with Facebook too. Something fresh, new and beneficial can be done only with OMyTxt.

OMyTxt is different compared to other mobile messaging solution. "It’s more focused on the mobile side, and you don't need to initiate or send a text message via mobile. But you'll receive a text notification that a contact added you to his/her list." said Kenneth Balgos one of the software developers of OMytxt.

There's an ordered pair once you confirm a message that your contact has added you. Martin Nery gave us an overview what is OMytxt is all about, who has previously worked with the top two mobile providers in the country. He mentioned about OMyTxt's initiative to benefit Filipinos based abroad to connect with their families and relatives as an alternative to long distance phone calls.

Gilbert Paras the company's director had mentioned the service just had its soft launch and currently running on a Beta version. Blue de Venecia talks about Globe and their tie-up with OMyTxt as well as collaborating with the 3rd party applications for Apple iPhone users.

There's two ways to set up an account using OMyTxt, but the most convenient way to register is online. Either you register a username and a password or log in to OMyTxt.com using your facebook access for the easiest way.

Once you have logged in to your OMytxt you need to register your Globe mobile number. As of now they only allow you to use Globe's prepaid/postpaid services. Currently they are working on adding Sun Cellular next. But there's no official announcement when they will allow you to use OMytxt using that mobile service.

There is a beneficial part of using OMytxt once you have logged in for registration. When you add another contact to your list you accumulate five credits and your contact also gain the same amount of credits. This will enable you to communicate without using your prepaid load, but once you used up all five credits, you will pay a very low late of PhP 0.25/SMS pesos. Your contact can also reply from a Globe mobile phone at a very low rate of PhP 0.50/SMS pesos. Of course to acquire the five free credits your contact must approve your request.

You also have the option to send your friends your Facebook shout out via text at the same time it’s posted at your wall. There's an option that you can send a text blast to anyone you have added to your network. Preferably if you have credits to use it would better otherwise you use up the load from your mobile service.

Other options that you can do with OMyTxt like customizing your skin (will soon expand since this is still in Beta), managing your groups, buy credits online (Bancnet ATM and G-Cash), message archive, web based messenger and more features to be added soon.

For now tinkering with the Facebook integration needs further exploration, but definitely it's a convenience for me to have access to social networking using my mobile phone. I'm still trying to apply this to my personal lifestyle, since I haven't had the experience taking advantage of this kind of service. This would definitely change the way you communicate not in a big scale, but making your digital lifestyle beneficial and affordable one day at a time.

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