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12.21.2010 - Apl De Ap our kababayan (countrymen) was in town for a series of Club Tours, where his first stop was in Cebu that began on December 18, 2010. The next one will be on December 22, 2010 at Club Republiq with well known house DJs as we previously mentioned.

He was also in town to promote The Black Eyed Peas' latest album The Beginning, which was recently released with the carrier single The Time (Dirty Bit) that is getting a lot of air play currently on radio.

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The press conference was held at the Makati Shangri-La Hotel, where MCA Music Inc was grace-ious enough to give us a special access to get up and close with the man.

I've been a huge BEP follower tracing back to their first Manila visit in the summer of 2004. I recall back then that there was a huge crowed, who turned up for the meet and greet at The Podium. I was able to get their first album signed with Fergie as the new addition to the group back then. Finally after a long wait I finally met our fellow kababayan at the recent concluded press conference.

Though it was short and sweet he was there for the round table discussion with fellow online media friends.

He spoke about his group and how they collaborate in composing the songs on the road. The Beginning, their latest album is the extension of their previous album The E.N.D (Energy Never Dies). "This album The Beginning means utilizing the latest technology, since record stores have closed up everything that has gone digital" said Apl De Ap.

He was asked how he can compare the recordings of Filipino artist from the established talents in the US. Apl answered that it's matter of mixing equipment, and not just the clarity of the song. Another asked what's the difference between their previous album to The Beginning, and why they chose the remix of the The Time (their carrier single). Apl and Will (I Am) collaborated with DJ mixing, and they come up with something new out of the process.

The cover song The Time came up when they where mixing it at Ibiza, and they thought of remixing a classic at that night. When they did the remix there was a positive reception and the crowed loved it. Then they had thought about making it into a real song, and that's how The Time came up. The Dirty Bit was a play on words to The Beginning. It's called an 8 Bit and the dirtier the grungier for the reason the song was titled The Time (Dirty Bit). Apl explains that the 8 Bit is going back to The Beginning of the technology.

Apl was asked his thoughts about Oprah Winfrey saying their album is one of her favorites for 2010.

He felt appreciated for the Black Eyed Peas for being one of Oprah's favorite group, and he said that she loved Charice as her favorite too. He added that his fellow group BEP members joked that Oprah love Filipinos, which is definitely true as talent-wise we should be proud about hearing it from him.

In the past albums Apl had his own bit or a track that's dedicated to his Filipino kababayans like The Apl Song in Elephunk, Bebot in Monkey Business, and now with Someday in The Beginning.

Someday one of the track to The Beginning was dedicated to his countrymen. The song talks about his roots being a Filipino and trrying to pursuit his dreams. This is also dedicated to the kids to the next generation to be inspired. Apl is a big fan of Manny Pacquiao and he jokingly said that the boxing legend is also his fan. His music inspiration came from Stevie Wonder and Bob Marley. Because they talk about social issues and love in uniting people. Mostly his inspiration stem from his family, and that's where his motivated for such being a talented artist.

He regularly comes home to the Philippines to spend Christmas every year. It was a good timing that he's also doing the Club Tour to promote the Black Eyed Peas latest album. He said that there's nothing like Christmas here in the Philippines. Being a festive here every holiday season, that he loved bibingkas and simbang gabi. He and his mom had this yearly tradition wrapping gifts and giving food for the Aetas and Aborigines.

Another question came up asking him if he has plans to appear in movies, that Will I Am did with X-Men Origins: Wolverine or Taboo on Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li. He said he would be delighted but would like to do voice acting in cartoons or animation.

Lastly someone asked if the Black Eyed Peas is coming back to do a concert here in the Philippines. Apl answered with a resounding YES and that would definitely be next year. Someone said "Hopefully" and he answered back "Better Be!"

He said that to his band members about coming back, and doing a concert in the Philippines as his personal favor before they take a break.

On a final note he sent his message to every Filipino fan, which has supported him and The Black Eye Peas over the years greeting everyone in the room a Merry Christmas in tagalog and a pleasant New Year.

It was a surreal moment being there in the room seeing a part of the BEP, namely a fellow countrymen like Apl De Ap grace-iously being a gentleman such a class act.

Let's hope he returns with the entire crew in 2011 and that would definitely The Time alright.

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