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12.18.2010 - The Grid an infinite world created from the mind of Kevin Flynn. It’s vast architecture which is beyond any imagination that would be the digital frontier. A place we haven't seen in almost twenty years. Tron is the videogame we haven't played since it was first seen in the arcades of 1982.

Tron is a videogame with its own mythos that has a story to reveal, but when you see this now you'll forget that this is not a sequel. Premiered internationally and that includes the Philippines on December 16, 2010 at the IMAX theater in SM Mall of Asia.

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IMAX 3D VS 3D Cinema

I have to see it twice for myself wanting to see The Gris. I've been following the film's development, since Disney showed interest wanting to produce the sequel back in 2005. For anyone who would be blown away by its state of the art filming this is something to salivate who grew up with computers and videogames.

Filmed in IMAX 3D which means the quality of the screen is in a large format not only in 3D. Seeing it on 3D cinema the quality is different when you see it, but you still get the same feel only "minimized". For the reason the price point for seeing this film. You pay to see in IMAX for a higher quality, but opted for seeing it just for the 3D both falls in the win column either way.

The Legacy

After seeing preview night last October 28, 2010 you'll want to see the full version of this film. Pacing was just fine and the story was better than I expected. Visually you'll want to be there at The Grid. I previously posted about the difference with the old Grid and the new one is like comparing it to an old desktop to an Appe iPad tablet.
For a fan of the original as if I didn't missed everything. It’s just seeing updated software with added sub programs. Though for non-tech savvy people this film would stand on its own without ther need to see the old one. But for those who would engross themselves to the world of The Grid, and its inhabitants one should follow and read "Tron: Betrayal". Its comic book released by Marvel last October, which bridges the story between the original and Tron: Evolution. The video game which connects directly to Tron: Legacy.

Though not to spill in the entire plot by now you'll be bits and pieces of it online to get the idea. The story was good and Quorra is hot chick you should avoid kicking your ass. The Grid is one awesome perspective you'd want to see it again, which I highly recommend. It's an eye candy you would not miss every scene from the beginning up until the credits starts rolling.

Definitely elecTRONica with Daft Punk's music score and they are also there in the film. It's a dead giveaway for two MP3's at the End of the Line Club being master disc jocks providing the sounds for this film.

ENCOM End Program...

Overall there are questions left at the end part of the film. Like closing the first book and opening a new one for everyone to ponder.

For anyone who would be entertained by it, Tron: Legacy exists as a standalone movie, which you don't need to dig up any downloading site just to get a better perspective. Because in the sequel there will be revelations that you won't miss out.

Definitely it’s a good film for every "newbie" to see this without any hindrance of going back to the first movie. But this gives you new sets of questions to wonder, and see it again for seconds as this gets a 4 out of five stars.

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