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11.18.2010 - Last night was the launch of SM Cinema's new website that will bring online reservation and ticket purchasing to a revolutionary way of providing added convinience to it customers.

Indeed the internet has become a tool, that benefits everyones convinience and across all of its cinemas nationwide. With the purchasing of movie tickets can be done online whenver you are in the Philippines.

The announcement comes just before the opening of the final Harry Potter movie, which was shown at the IMAX Theater. With the introduction of the new website SM Cinema also showed the first mobile ticketing compatible to mobile phones from any manufacturer.

Filipinos will be abloe to purchase tickets from the website and redeem the tickets at the cinemas using a mobile phone. This is made possible by using a simple text message which contains a code called "bCODE".

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The difference with other payment and ticketing services that require picture messages (such as 2D barcode), data plans, special chipsets (like NFC), or mobile-app downloads with expensive smartphone devices, the bCODE-powered service is compatible with all mobile phone and consumer demographics.

Through the partnership and the collaboration of SM cinema with bCODE they will provide a network of its innovative, interactive 3G-enabled scanning terminals across all SM cinemas in the Philippines. The first stage will feature both mobile-payment on the website and mobile-ticketing services in the cinemas.

bCODE's unique, globally patented technology uses point-of-sale scanning terminals to securely read and authenticate plain-text, SMS-based encrypted codes from the display screens of mobile handsets. This allows consumers to access a variety of loyalty, ticketing, and payment services from existing platforms.

Mobile commerce via plain-text SMS means that anyone with a mobile device can instantly benefit. BCODE’s technology is compatible with more than 2,000 mobile-phone models and more than 4 billion existing devices globally.

Leading IT-services provider e-Commerce Asia Ltd. (ECOM) with offices in Shanghai, Hong Kong and the Philippines will integrate, implement, and support this redemption network, which will provide SM Cinemas with advanced mobile-commerce services such as payment, ticketing and loyalty marketing.

According to Michael Mak, founder and CEO of San Francisco-based bCODE: “The competitive landscape has permanently changed, and merchants earning the most customer loyalty will, in turn, become the most profitable. That’s why we designed our bCODE loyalty platform to help retailers reach, reward, and retain customers.”

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