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11.18.2010 - Lightningt does strike twice in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1. The recently concluded press media screening at the IMAX in Mall of Asia was transformed into the world of Harry Potter as the local group Howgarts Philippines was in full regalia to welcome the movie.

Well known personalities such as Tessa Prieto-Valdez was present with her husband when she saw the movie. There where other celebrities roaming around prior to the screening. It was bustling with people who read and has been a fan of the movies.

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Before everyone got settled inside the IMAX Theater, Warner Bros. Philippines prepared food and drinks to everyone's delight. Quite an esemble of fans dressed in their Hogwarts attire. One member was even dressed as Albus Dumbledore walking the hallway. Pretty much this such a geekfest happening, which is similar to what happened last year when Half-Blood Prince was shown.

The Story So Far...

I guess everyone had read the seventh and final book right? Bascially Harry Potter was on the run and things went from bad to worse which you get the idea.

Personal Insight

This movie is just Part One and for any fan who is a Harry Potter geek eight months is an eternity when you wait for that long. So what do you do for the next few months, while you cringe at a cliff hanger? I'm sure re-reading all the books would proabably will keep you sane. Besides that all six movies are now on DVD or Blu-Ray.

The scenes that captures big spaces and places with aerial shots are breat taking. It surely makes you feel distracted if your just the casual fan, who just saw this movie but not the entire run from ten years ago.

What makes it more elegant when you watch trhe silent moments. Kinda interest cinematography. The camera shot on the chase scenes where quite remarkable, when you get down and gritty with all the action. It felt more quieter now with more of those scenes like your stuck in one chapter of the book trying to figure out the scenes. But now that your seeing the scenes it felt more of black and white noir.

Though not to give away the entire sequences you just have to watch the movie. I'm sure people who love art films would comment about it.

The Last Word

Its more like you want to have it rushed and end it now. As my friend would say... "They are miliking the film for all its worth." Indeed they are doing it for the one as the book is thicker than the previous one.

Admittedly I only read the first four books with having difficulty putting out the imagination prior to the films. Now that I've seen it the perspective gets darker by its contrast that its the last Harry Potter Movie... I meant second to the last film. The other one is in July 2011, which is a long ways to go. For the meantime there's a lot of movies to see from now until the next one.

Overall its not perfect but definitely gets 4 out of 5 points for its imperfections.There's nothing like a good book to read it all over aggain after seeing the movie. Unless you have the longest patience until July.

For now just get distracted while everything unravels soon. For now hit the books to imagine the end of everything that begun.

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