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11.19.2010 - Technology in regard to communications is at the forefront of the bleeding edge of technology. In such a away on how we communicate is no longer a difficulty, but rather a convenience at the touch of our finger tips.

With that in mind Polycom had recently held a corporate overview, which they have promoted the current innovation on communication and that will benefit the industry.

Randel Maestre, Global head and senior director, industry solutions from Polycom recently had a talk in educating everyone about Unified Communications. It's not just "unified communications" as a defined to communicate, but through connecting with people wherever you are using IM, voice or video.

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It's more than just connecting applications technology, it's about providing people with resources and data wherever they are in the world. It's about improving productivity and pushing the boundary on how we communicate more with convenience to all kinds industry like video conference, services in applications, and cloud computing.

Not everyone is in the same place for the reason Unified Communications goes beyond its meaning. Providing services up close and personal to increase its productivity beyond its reach. It starts with the core structure which resides in the cloud to ensure the collaboration in bringing the services such as for medical, school, and other business related industry. When you build a collaboration your not only building connections, but also having a stronger visual relationship. Polycom advocates "Open Standard" which differentiate themselves to other competitors.

Educating the market with video conference and application for the customers needs. This won't be just limited within the confines of your computer at home or at work. But the application can be available to every device that supports a video element.

When the LAN device was first introduced in 1990 a light bulb got brighter with unlimited possibilities on how to communicate. Polycom gives you UC everywhere from office, home or mobile. Bringing quality in communicating using video conferencing with high definition for less cost.

Polycom has products and services namely telepresence and video communication removing obstacles of time and distance. They also have voice communication which the applications varies depending the services, that is well suited for the client. With the advent of video conferencing it saves cost on travel, and more convenient that communicating in this medium they have solutions as well as benefits. Eliminating the difficulty using video conferencing, Polycom is pushing the boundary in such technology readily available for everyone.

They have a wide range of products that are designed, which is suited for the specific industry solutions from government, medicine and business. Such as the Practitioner Cart for medical use or the Judicial Wall Unit for courtroom use as examples.

Even at a great distance Polycom makes communicating a convenience. Polycom is also bringing their services to the mobile market. Namely making applications to certain mobile devices such as the Samsung Galaxy Tab, that runs on the Android technology giving you the benefit of handling your business in your hands.

Locally Polycom is distributed by ATI (American Technologies, Inc.), and they continue to grow in making their presence not only in Asia but worldwide.

After Randel Maestre and Rene Valladolid answered some questions with the products, they closed the talk about the company's corporate overview.

They raffled off three Polycom Communicator C100s, which is the ultimate hands-free Skype experience. Its a cool device with built-in stereo headphone port, two high-quality microphones, and Skype-certified. Not to forget that it connects and powers through USB. It has two colors which is blue and gray, but they only have three gray colors to give away for free. Three lucky people from the media won the device to take home which is worth $119.99 US dollars each.

Overall looking at the industry today and ten years ago it was way different. Communicating before was just a simple tool to get in-touch by voice.

Now after the evolution of the technology you can communicate not only through voice but video as well. In the long run communicating via mobile using video once perfected will the next big thing, and Polycom is here to bring such service not only through selected industry but to the world.

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