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11.19.2010 - Almost a month ago we got teased at the upcoming Cars 2 from Disney Pixar. From the day it was shown until now there where some revealing developments on who are the additional new characters that will be appearing in the new movie next year.

If you haven't been keeping track of the upcoming sequel to the world of Cars, then you must have missed a lot of developments. Recently Disney Pixar just recently released its official trailer.

The first full-length theatrical trailer for Cars 2 has been released online on YouTube and its like absorbing all that visual elegance that made the first movie great. If you can't get enough seeing it on the standard quality, there's an HD option for you to see it with all that visual stunning graphics.

One interesting character you should keep an eye out is the legendary spy Finn McMissle voiced by Sir Michael Caine. Mater meets Finn from "British Intelligence" is guaranteed to make your curiosity more interesting to look out for this awesome move.

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But what really matters is the story behind the upcoming Cars 2, which mostly covers that "James Bond" genre. This trailer will give you clarity on what to see in Pixar's twelfth classic feature.

Additional news based on Empire which has an insider revelations of some other new characters from the film, which also appeared in the trailer, and the artists voicing them, as follows:

Emily Mortimer as "spy-in-training" Holley Shiftwell

Jason Isaacs as spy jet Siddeley

Joe Mantegna as Grem

Thomas Kretschmann as Professor z

Some names maybe unknown but you'll recognize their previous works. Emily Mortimer, for example, appeared as secretary Nicole in The Pink Panther and its sequel. Peter Jacobson is a series regular on House, playing Dr. Chris Taub (and did a hilarious guest appearance on Law & Order years ago).

You'll get to know them more as upcoming news about the sequel gets underway. For now salivate on the latest trailer that was released.

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