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11.28.2010 - Unboxing the XyZel wireless modem is not as complicated as I previously mentioned. For for the the not-so technical junkie one would panic of the sight on its contents.

Though with careful orientation on its contents one shouldn't be worried when setting this device to your home.

The PLDT MyDSL wireless XyZEL modem can be installed by anyone just following instructions on the manual. The manual itself is user friendly for the average consumer. Basically on the part of installing this device I skipped the part where you connect all the wires, and cable as to no bore you with technicalities connecting with PLDT's MyDSL.

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The only change is the devices I have been using is replaced by one unit. Instead of using the standard ZyZel modem from PLDT and Cisco's Linksys wireless router your now using a single unit. The function of the XyZel wireless modem makes more convenience on saving space and using your internet directly which broadcast wifi connection within your area. Mostly there's limitation when trying to connect, but its all good as there are certain area that wifi doesn't reach you.

Upon installing the device and plugging all the necessary wires from your computer, home phone, and cable connection. You logged in to the site to reconfigure your connection by accessing it with the admin password.

Once you have entered the password it connects your wireless modem and you got internet. Though I encounted minor bumps on the road like it takes time for the access to be grated. Not that its super slow it doesn't connect immediately compared to the Linksys wireless router. But connection speeds have been tested and there's no change in speed when the above mentioned devices where replaced.

Overall the XyZEL wireless modem from PLDT's MyDSL works better, and its a convinience getting this device instead of the conventional XyZEL modem. The standard modem is only connected directly to your computer, and you need a wireless router to have have wifi within your area.

This works if you have a wireless device like a laptop or mobile phone, that benefits for you to use your internet without connecting to the internet via a desktop computer.

So you get two device in one unit for the price of one by subscribing to PLDT MyDSL only for PhP 2,200.00 pesos for Bundles plans either for PhP 990.00 pesos or PhP 1,299.00 pesos. You only pay PhP 500.00 pesos for the first month and PhP 340.00 pesos for the next five months.

Such a sweet deal if you pay PhP 1,000.00 pesos for high speed plans either PhP 999.00 pesos, PhP 1995.00 pesos or PhP 3,000 pesos.

Save as much as PhP 1,500.00 pesos versus having a separate modem and router. Now that's a convinience without spending more, and having the benefit of having a wireless connection within the confines of your home.

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