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11.27.2010 - I just picked up the PLDT MyDSL wireless modem. A ADSL 2+ 4-port Gateway device. As noted in the very small card that's attached to the paper bag it says everything I need is already included in the package. Surprising its called Quick Insatll Kit (QIK)!

It also indicates that I can install this wireless modem all by myself. I admit not very muhc tech savy, but I'm sure its going to be that easy until I checked the contents of the box.

I'm practically surprised what's included in this device that everyone is would also find out.

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The contents includes the wireless modem, power adapter, splitter, phone jack adapter and an ethernet cable, where you connect it to you computer directly. You have to study the manual carefully as I recall back, when I was working in a call center some customers tend to not pay attention instead would like to be assisted by a customer service representative.

It ain't odd but there's a flyer attached with the love Rhian Ramos in the picture. Its funny how I noticed that as well as a ZyXEL CD-Rom installer is included in the box, which I have to study it first before installing this interesting piece of hardware.

For now I'll get back to you how it fares but first I need to install this in order to get it working...

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