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11.08.2010 - Sunday is six days away and if you have been troubled watching the previous fights of Manny Paquiao then probably PDLT's WatchPad might be one of your options to stay updated when the big ring errupts.

Most notably I'm not a big fan of The Fighing Congressman, but surely you have to watch his fights. I'm more of supporting him in representing our country and being our National Pride. That is why I look forward to seeing Manny Pacquiao in action. Besides being a seven-time champion in different weight classes, who would not pass up this opportunity?

Basically if you want to hook up with PLDT's WatchPad, which will give you a broader perspective in not only seeing Manny's fights as well as seeing other shows with clarity online.

Imagine a connection speed of 768 kbps or higher needed to view a live broadcast via the internet. A simple plan worth PhP 990.00 pesos, that you now subscribed to can be upgraded to get a clearer view of the fight for only PhP 1299.00 pesos. A huge difference from getting the usual plan with just a minor increase.

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Once becoming a WatchPad user you have the right to reserve a slot by following this link HERE: http://www.pldtwatchpad.com/PacmanMargaritoFight.html

For those who want to sign up and get a WatchPad for an upgrade. All you need to do is follow this link HERE: http://www.pldtwatchpad.com/SignUp.html

Surely you won't pass this up and never getting on top with the events happening this Sunday of November 14, 2010. To see Manny is to believe Filipino Pride can make it happen, and all you have to do is get a PLDT WatchPad for only PhP 1299.00 pesos.

You can save the hassle lining up to the big cinemas, and traveling just to see Manny knock out Margarito's handsome face. Just get PLDT WatchPad because the fight can be viewed live, FREE, and with NO COMMERCIAL breaks.

If you can't get enough with PLDT's WatchPad then you must LIKE their Facebook Page or follow them on twitter so they can answer your inquiries about setting up your own PLDT WatchPad.

Get the convinience at your finger tips and see the action as it happens with PLDT WatchPad!

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