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11.08.2010 - There is just white noise now if you just tuned in. Three hours ago the radio station that you knew for the past twenty three years has signed off. NU 107, The Home of NU Rock is now history.

We've heard them loud in clear back in 1987 and I was just in fifth grade. Don't do the math on how old I was, but I'm sure you know where the birth of pop culture all began.

The 80s was the simple times in my young age and radio was a different kind of medium. I always wanted to be a radio disc jockey, but at those times usually your parents would discourage you to pursue the course of mass communications.

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It would be too late to pursue that career. As the ever changing line between getting a home grown Filipino or a FilAm would make or break to land a radio gig.

One other thing to break into radio you gotta have connections. Surely that's one task you have to build before you get there. Its like how NU 107 started back then, and you thought they would die immediately.

Arriving on the scene there was already a huge turn out of people standing in the corner of F. Ortigas Jr. Road, where the booth which is located at the ground floor of the AIC Gold Tower.

The air staff took turns to say their goodbyes. Some teary eyed and there are some are just trying to hold back the tears. Its like someone died and and lighted a lot of candles shaping up to the name of the radio station. Its like mourning someone we knew for such a long time.

They say when NU 107 signed off its like there's a big hole, that we can't be sure anyone could fill that up. Though they closed up shop they didn't die trying to prove everyone that they really know how to rock. Some things are definitely irreplaceable, and rumors has it that the common trend right now is built for the masses. Its hard to accept how radio has become just like the Japanese animation being dubbed in tagalog these days.

Its kinda awkward how the stuff we grew up with are now changed just for the masses to get a kick out of it. But enough with the long debates, its just too much early to accept one of the Philippines well known radio station had ended its run.

As they say the music will live on and optimism aside surely NU 107 will return, but in a different form which is definitely going to rock once again.

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