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09.30.2010 - If the next best movie for you requires something a bit of a drama and action. Maybe this next would really be a hit for you. Just came from The Town Press Media screening, which preety much laid back. Even though legendary comedian Joey De Leon dropped by and saw the movie.

Good friends from different spectrum of the pop culture scene was there to see the movie.

We just chatted talked about common interest, and the thriving passion which we do. Namely talking about comics, toys and all that geekmatic stuff.

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So far Lyndon Gregorio, Vincent Nunez, Tim Villasor and me are just stoked at seeing this much talked about film directed by Ben Affleck which he also stars in it too.

At the end of the day its another film worthy of seeing it a second time around. For the viewers who followed Ben Affleck as an actor should definitely catch this guy. I mean not only went up the level as an actor, but as great director for more films to come his way.

I can't imagine how he evolved from a Mall Rat to this big star/up and coming director. Definitely one movie you should not pass up. The Town opens in theaters in October 6, 2010!

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