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10.04.2010 - Live with a FREE MIND and you'll Filipinize The World! As FMCC (FracisM Clothing Co.) celebrates its fourth anniversary one might not wonder how long has it has been since the clothing has been doing. Founded by Francis Magalona which is also his birthday.

If he was here today he could have turned forty six years old. Though he left us on March 6, 2009 his memories lives on through his family namely his children and friends, who has carried the flame of his name.

Currently FMCC is celebrating not only his birthday, but the birth of nationalism through his clothing company. Nothing like being a proud true Filipino to say I'm part of its roots where it all began. I'm not entirely a huge fan, but I can say passion speaks louder than just the "hype".

This is not a show of effort to say that you support one individual, and if you talk about ones passion you got FMCC.

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The designer shirt that started it all in 2006 is currently running a special exhibit not only to commemorate the founding the FMCC, but to share you the beginning of Francis Magalona through the Pop Culture medium.

An artist, producer, director, and creative genius. You'll see his first the days from the movie Bagets 2, Ninja Kids, and some local other films to his wide variety of Pop Culture collections. Namely from signed comics and sketch art by Whilce Portacio and Leinil Yu. A wide variety of sports memorabilias from NBA cards, action figures and statues. There are also his toy collections from Star Wars, G.I. Joe and Transformers. This also includes some famous Super Robots like Voltes V and Daimos.

He was also fashion evolution where he have worn some outlandish wardrobe in the 90s. A multi-awarded individual through music and photography. There are some of his works also on display as well as gold and platinum awards for his album recodings.

Francis Magalona is trully an icon and has etablished himself in the Philippine pop culture scene. Like if he just left and never came back, but made sure he had etched a pretty good memory of him.

If you haven't seen the gallery located at the Collective in Malugay Street until this Friday. This is also a special treat to those, who followed his life through music and the arts. Led by his son Elmo Magalona and The Mags performing live this Friday at 7PM with an all-star cast of friend connected to FrancisM will be there to give you a great show. So don't miss out true believers!

Special thanks to Orange Magazine TV, which will feature Saab Magalona on the cover of tis September/October issue.

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