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06.12.2010 - UR Solutions the local IT solutions announced that it has strengthened its line up of products by teaming up with Red Hat for open source. Red Hat, Inc. is a free and open source software company, and a major Linux distribution vendor. Both company has teamed up to bring open source and launch officially the tie up.

From an open source beginner perspective, the event reminds me of going back to school and came out much more appreciative of how it benefit users, especially those with limited resources. The first thing comes to mind about UR Solutions and Red Hat promoting open source solutions is like bringing a power house team up of George Lucas and Steven Spielberg.

It has technicalities to understand, but in simple layman terms if you know Linux you'll get the idea the comparison between Microsoft's Windows operating system...

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Red Hat, Inc is a major Linux distributor promoting open source solutions to the world, and by teaming up with UR Solutions to bring you the operating system, that doesn't need licensing compared to Microsoft Windows operating system.

Joseph Garcia, director of Channel Sales in Asia Pacific and Japan for Red Hat had mentioned UR Solutions being a key partner in the Philippines. Being the best open source company in the country.

Promoting Open Source doesn't offer licensing, because they let you fix the bugs. And to improve the software which allows other programmers to see.

In simple analogy about open source... For example everyone likes a shiny new car you drive it fast and you park it properly, but five to six months down the line it will some how going to break. The question is do you go to the garage repair shop to fix it? Or if the repair doesn't look good in quality. You look for another repair shop to fix it, and that's the paradigm on how it was explained.

Open source is not developed by just one group, but a network of people around the world. For the reason it doesn't offer licensing and its free. For another reason why Red Hat has been up par with their products and services.

Patrick Reidenbach, general manager for Ubaldo Reidenbach Solutions or UR Solutions gives us the lowdown on UR Solutions. Explaining the key points in marketing Red Hat. Maximizing Open Source for IT solutions, and with no vendor lock in. It is open for feedback with democratic development to the community. You pay for the service and support, but no need for the item code.

Fritz Roma, business development manager for UR Solutions explains the Linux-Microsoft rivalry has ended as giving customer satisfaction in using Red Hat. There's no Linux application that will be exclusive, since its free to every customer's finger tips. Today even Windows users get the chance to explore Linux on how it works hand-in-hand as it is no longer relevant for competition. Application functions now to both parties, and for the reason why open source has made everything better with technology.

For more about open source Follow UR Solutions on Facebook and see why open source is the next best thing for your computer.

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