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06.11.2010 - Though missing most part of the games, but keeping access online is the only reliable source on the NBA finals. Its like the Boston Celtics bench being as reliable as they where kept knocking the Los Angeles Lakers without their center Andrew Bynum as beantown evend the series 2-2.

The Celtics was pounding the Lakers in the inside with Glen "Big Baby" Davis and Nate Robinson doing a Shrek and Donkey interpretation. Two well-loved characters from from the CG-animated movie Shrek was wild on game 4...

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While the bench team out scored the Lakers bench for most of the 3rd and 4th quarter. Ray Allen was chaperon in the squad for the rest of the remaining quarters finding his range back in the 96-89 win.

But can the Lakers keep up as Andrew Bynum's knee injury becomes in question. This reminds us why they lost the finals in 2008 with his absence.

Most of the starting unit for the Celtics where cheerleaders seeing Glen Davis and Nate Robinson scored 21 fourth-quarter points en route for the win. Even though the Black Mamba Kobe Bryant had 33 points for L.A. it wasn't enough for Shrek and Donkey to shine in this finals series.

The game 4 was the most watched NBA Finals since 2004 as ratings measure the percentage of all homes with televisions tuned into a program. Overnight ratings represent the country's largest markets.

This was nail biting scene as the Celtics tied the game, and now the Lakers has to answer back for game 5 as we watch how Glen Davis (18 points in 23 minutes) and Nate Robinson (12 points in 17 minutes) made postgame humor as Shrek and Donkey made us laugh...

The bench team made things really hard for the visitors to catch up even if Kobe Bryant was at his Jordanesque hitting all those shots hissing like the Black mamba.

Game 5 is on Sunday (Monday in Manila) and let's see if the Celtics keep the momentum or the Lakers gets back and makes another run for the title.

Its a series folks so don't worry about getting things even up.

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