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06.14.2010 - the Boston Celtics has edged the Los Angeles Lakers by beating them twice at the TD Garden for a 92-86 win. Leading the 3-2 in the NBA Finals series headed for the history books. But can the Celtics win one at the Staples Center on Los Angeles in Tuesday (Wednesday in Manila)?

The rag tag men of the Celtics pounded on the Lakers. Even with a stellar 38 point performance by Kobe Bryant was not enough to get the best fo them. It takes us back to 2008 Finals where they first met, but this is not going to be an easy way out...

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Behind Paul Pierce 27 point performance are the other four men who average above 10 points, that made a crucial team effort to get things done at home. Its the last home game appearance of the TD Garden as the game shifts back to the Staples Center.

The Celtics had a knack for winning road games and taking away homecourt advantage. Can they make it happen or lose control on the fourth quarter. Phil Jackson's last huddle with the Lakers in game 5 mentioned, that the Celtics lost more games during the fourth quarter by loosing it. Well all I can say is the Celtics needs to prove their resilient or the Lakers will get their revenge.

It all falls into place as we see maybe the end of things to come for this season. We might not know how the ending would turn out, but let see if the Lakers can push it to game 7.

Rajon Rondo the most dangerous man behind the Celtics has been awesome in this game saving loose balls and converting them. He's Grand Theft Rondo as one commentator mentioned pushing the ball and making the Lakers pay on their lack of defense.

In the other crew like Kevin Garnett was making them pay in the paint as well as an awesome defense against the Spaniard Pau Gasol. While Andrew Bynum is back after his knees where drained a day earlier he was not that productive for the Lakers still hurt with that injury.

The Lakers missed a lot of shots, but Bryant was still deadly. Nate Robinson one of the two heroes, who sparked the game 4 win was high on energy. The man knows how to get his team going. He was not much doing offensively, though making the TD Garden go crazy tonight was something for the crowd to get wild about.

Its all green can they make the 18th banner go up? Or the Lakers have other ways to make it tougher at home?

Well all I can say is let's see how it unfolds and not worry about the endings.

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